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Ponthir is ACE Aware!

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)


The whole staff have been undertaking training into ACEs through a recent Public Health Wales initiative, which has been quite challenging for us. Examples of ACEs are a parental split, domestic abuse, a parent in prison, alcoholism, drug misuse and bereavement along with the usual (more obvious) child protection issues such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. ACEs have a significant impact not only on childhood but can have serious lifelong consequences for physical and mental health and wellbeing. The figures for Wales are quite startling and if applied to our school quite worrying; 50% with 1 Ace or more (54 at our school), 17% with 2 or 3 ACEs (18 pupils) and 14% with 4 or more (15 children). These are, of course, estimates when applied to our school, but it is a lot of children. Some of these children we know about and are supporting. However, many we clearly do not know about and we are looking to support all of these children as we recognise that unless we address their emotional wellbeing issues, we will struggle to help them meet their academic potential. As such, if there are things that perhaps we would be better knowing in relation to your children, let us know. I understand that this is a difficult area, but we are simply trying to do the best by your children and will deal with issues as sensitively and supportively as we can.