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1. Mindful Listening. Ring a bell and listen to the resonating sound until you can't here it anymore. When the sound stops raise your hand. 

2. Mindful Breathing. Ring the bell once. Count how many out-breaths you can take before it rings the second time. Focus on breathing slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.

3. Mindful Smelling. Gather a handful of household items. Think about how you fell as you breathe in each one. 

4. Mindful Eating. Smell a small piece of chocolate. Does it smell bitter or sweet? Place the chocolate in your mouth but do not eat it. How does it feel as it melts? How do you feel? Swallow the chocolate. Is there a lingering taste?

5. Spin the Bottle Compliments. Spin a bottle and whoever it lands on is paid 3 compliments by the rest of the group. Then it is that person's turn to spin.

6. Mindful Shoulder Shrug

Lift your shoulders up and breathe in through your nose, shoulders down and breathe slowly out through your mouth.

7. 5 Finger Mindfulness. Make a starfish shape with one hand. Using your pointer finger from your other hand, slowly going up and down each finger. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. As you touch each finger trip, give thanks for one person or thing.